Music For The Converted

This year’s RPM album by Canabrism will be based on an XKCD cartoon – at least partially. I used a program that can convert images to sound, then took the output as a sample source, which I further processed into something that (hopefully) fits with each song. But there are other things that can be converted into music as well…

Mixing It Up

I’ve previously covered some interesting angles on synaesthesia, a condition whereby the senses intermingle, often in very powerful (and possibly confusing) ways.

There are actually a number of ways of converting images to sound, but for the sake of speed I used Nicolas Fournel’s Audiopaint to do the job. This is very easy to use, and although you can tweak a few parameters, basically all you have to do is feed it an image and press go.

Code Organ

Play My Website

Sean at Key of Grey pointed out another musical converter – but this one converts websites into music.

As with Audiopaint, your results may vary wildly in musicality, but it’s all good fun… check it out at the code organ site.


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