Getting Your Hands On The Music

It seems someone invents a new music interface every other day, and touch screens are becoming very much mainstream with the growth of touchy-feely mobile phones. I previously wrote about how to make your own touchscreen interface, but there are more ways to keep your hands in the mix…

Time For A Screen Test

CDM recently covered the Sensomusic Usine multi-touch DAW control system, which is basically a DIY version of the more sophisticated (and pre-rolled) Jazzmutant Dexter/Lemur. With a few hardware modifications to your existing monitor, you can then use the software to transform it into a unique and personally customised interface.

The Keys To A Perfect DAW Controller

If that seems a bit too gung-ho for your liking, then perhaps you might be interested in an Ergodex.

This is basically a flat mouse-pad sized platform upon which you can place keys according to your own personal ergonomics, and assign functions to these keys to suit your own preferences – ideal for complementing an existing hardware controller, or perhaps replacing it entirely.

Tim Prebble posted a good overview of the device over at the music of sound

Ergodex Keys


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