Fruity Loops Comes to iPad

Considering that the iPad 2 is probably as powerful as most computers musicians were using ten years ago, it’s hardly a surprise that more and more software packages are making the leap to this new mobile platform. Fruity Loops is the latest old-school stalwart to take the plunge into iOS…

Getting Fruity With It

Fruity Loops has long been a favourite amongst PC musicians, and Image Line have announced it now is available as an app for iPhone and iPad – though it still isn’t available on Mac.

An Android version is in the works, and although the initial release version of Fruity Loops Studio Mobile doesn’t support importing your own samples, this is planned for a later version.

FL Studio Mobile is currently available in the App Store for an ‘introductory price’ of $19.99, and includes a variety of sampled instruments, keyboard, drum pad, track editor, step sequencer, real time effects and (as is painfully absent from the Garageband iPad app) a piano roll editor.


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