Introducing… Canabrism’s ‘Half Measures’

After a bonanza year for Canabrism albums in 2014 – when ‘A New Suit for Susan‘ and ‘Why Do You Think‘ were released – last year was plagued by a distinct lack of any Canabrism release whatsoever. Until now, that is…

Better Late Than Never

2015 started out as a normal Canabrism year – as usual, an album’s worth of music was written in February for the RPM Challenge. However, between one thing and another, the tweaking and post-production dragged on somewhat, such that the album is only emerging into the light now, setting a new record for RPM challenge lateness (a couple of Canabrism RPM albums have been released in December of the year they were written, but this is the first one to push its launch into another year entirely).

Actually, the album was 99% finished by the end of January this year, at which point I took a break to write material for the 2016 RPM Challenge in February. So now that the 2015 album has been completed, I can move straight back to the 2016 edition, and hopefully get that done before Christmas (this year).

Canabrism – Half Measures


The album is called Half Measures, mainly because most of the songs feel like fragments of songs rather than completed works (it’s also the title of an episode of Breaking Bad). The idea was that if any of the half measures stood out, I could return to them later and flesh them out into full measures.

Notably, most of the tracks do actually contain vocals (except for three, which is an inversion of the typical pattern). This is the second Canabrism album cover based on wall tiles (after Random, which was based on a now-vanished set of tiles on North Strand Road, Dublin) – this time the tiles are in somewhat better condition and were shot in Lisbon, Portugal.

Here are two tracks from the album if you want to listen right now:

Track 1: Button Pilot

Track 8: Jury Split

Feel free to download the full album and share it with your friends/enemies using the link below:

Canabrism – Half Measures (2015)


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