Linking to Music Technology

Although the blogroll on this site does link to some very interesting and contemporary music technology resources, it is probably more useful to have such links structured in categorical arrays. As such, I have implemented a long-overdue links page which provides direct access to plenty of quality content…

The list can be accessed via the blog sidebar, or you can get at it by going directly to the Music Technology Links page here. As you will see, there is a section dedicated to Propellerhead Software’s Reason, and another for other music production software (such as Cubase, Logic, Digital Performer and Sonar). Other gems include free sheet music, free MIDI file downloads, free music theory guides and free music distribution channels. If you’re looking for tutorials, there are some online offerings as well as downloadable pdf guides in there too.

Here is the list of categories available in the first version of the page – this will continue to grow as I discover more valuable content, so make sure to favourite it now…

  • Music Theory and Sheet Music
  • Propellerheads Reason
  • Utilities and Plugins
  • Mixing, Mastering and EQ
  • Samples and Loops
  • Copyright Resources
  • Podcasting
  • Music Production Software Tutorials
  • MIDI Information and Downloads
  • Online Music Distribution

Obviously, this list is not exhaustive, but it is a good starting point and contains plenty of vital resources for anyone with an interest in music and technology. Pop over to the Music Technology Links page now and have a look around.


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