How to Tune Your Food

Although musical cookbooks are rare these days, Kara Zuaro has written one which features a collection of recipies contributed by musicians. This is what the publisher has to say about it:

What happens when indie bands hit the road? They get hungry!

Food writer Kara Zuaro knows a lot of musicians, and she’s found they all share one obsession (besides music, of course): eating. Whether they’re on the tour bus reminiscing about meals past or at home in their own kitchens, they’ve all got favorite recipes and they’re willing to share. This uniquely irresistible cookbook collects contributions from more than 100 artists, including indie icons like the Violent Femmes, Belle & Sebastian, and They Might Be Giants; current favorites like Franz Ferdinand and My Morning Jacket; and up-and-coming acts like Catfish Haven and Voxtrot.

The book, entitled “I like food, food tastes good: in the kitchen with your favourite artists” will be on sale next month.


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