Aphex Twin Hardware and New Webcast Costs

Just a quick couple of notes for today – Kourosh Dini made an interesting post yesterday regarding the music technology used by Richard D. James. Dini also provides a link to a Street Electronics page which details some of the analog equipment used by Aphex Twin in the early nineties, when he was pioneering new forms of ambient electronic music using beautifully simple soundscapes. It is hardly surprising to learn that James had an active interest in the nitty-gritty of electronics from an early age.

Coolfer provides plenty of useful information on the state of the music industry, and observes that proposed increases in webcasting royalties could prove extremely costly for Music 2.0 sites such as Last.fm. The proposal contains an annual fee of $500 per streamed channel – considering the number of channels provided by Last.fm, this would be a huge amount if it remains unmitigated by some sort of cap.


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