Album Covers Go Wild

Last week I took a quick look at how to find missing album art for an iPod, but it seems there is still an active interest in physical album covers. A number of people have been experimenting with ways of being creative with their old LP sleeves…

Facing The Music – Sleeve Style

A new meme that resurrects the LP cover is the activity of ‘sleevefacing’. This sort of thing just wouldn’t work with a CD or cassette (let alone an iPod). The principle is quite simple, and can be gleaned from the title, but here is a short video illustrating some applications…

Beyond Album Art

Album Covers - Who left the Gates open?
B3ta ran a two-week challenge where members of the public were asked to extend the boundaries of classic album covers, with some very entertaining results. Be warned – the gallery contains a high proportion of Pink Floyd and assorted rodents.

Album Covers On The Move

Here’s another video, this time bringing your favourite album covers to life in a bizarre pastiche that could have been created by a teenage David Lynch in a bap. Unfortunately, embedding of this video has been disabled, so you’ll have to go to YouTube to watch it… just remember to come back here afterwards!


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